The Earned Wage Access Solution That Puts Employers In Control

fastP.A.Y.E is the easy-to-implement earned wage access solution that gives employees access to part of their already earned wages before payday as well as other essential financial wellbeing tools that can support them through the cost of living crisis.

Earned Wage Access
Earned Wage Access App

Some Of The Ways You Can Use fastP.A.Y.E

the fastP.A.Y.E earned wage access solution is used by employers to address operational challenges or support employees through the cost of living crisis by deliver many financial wellbeing benefits. Our business model is unique and allows us to offer our fair pricing promise – “you only pay for active users”.

Improve Your Retention Rates

Improve Your Retention Rates

Improve Your Recruitment

Improve Your Recruitment

Strengthen Your Rewards Package By Providing Financial Wellbeing

Support employees through the cost of living crisis

Solve Operational Challenges

Solve Operational Challenges

earned wage access app fastP.A.Y.E


Configurable Earned Wage Access

This unique feature allows you to award your colleagues a portion of their already earned wages before payday. We let you decide when, how often, how much or for which shifts they can access their wages. What’s more, unlike other providers this is not a loan for the employer or the employees.

Benefits Assessment Calculator

UK households are currently missing over £16bn in extra income every year. As the living crisis deepens at fastP.A.Y.E we provide a benefits calculator, which is designed to assess employee eligibility for various Government benefits and grants, utilities social tariffs that they might be missing out on. If employees find they are eligible these benefits can boost income for many households with up to £1000 a month and more in some cases.


Employees have the ability to directly make savings into their account. Furthermore, the savings calculator can help your employees understand how long it will take them to save a specific amount, or how much they need to save to have enough in order to reach their goal. An ideal tool that helps your employees reach their savings target.

Financial Education

We closely work with various charities and provide access to up to date education and advice from the Money Helper service. Our goal is to provide users with the necessary tools to encourage healthy financial decisions.

Budget Planner

The Budget Planner puts your employees in control of their household spending and analyses the results to help them take control of their money. It’s already helped hundreds of thousands of people.

Why Does an Earned Wage Access Solution Matter To Your Employees?

Giving employees flexible access to some of their already earned wages when needed will allow them to avoid financial struggles during difficult times or in an emergency.

Financial stress and struggles have a negative effect on many aspects of your employees lives including; a decrease in mental health, a decrease in the ability to perform their job, poor physical health, an increase in absenteeism and much more.

The fastP.A.Y.E earned wage access app can help to relieve the stress of employees financial worries, allowing them to focus on performing their best at work.

Read more below about how our salary on-demand solutions can help you.

4% Loss in productivity

4% Loss in productivity

For every £1 million an organisation spends on payroll, there is an estimated four per cent loss in productivity due to poor employee financial well-being (Barclays)

Money Worries

Money worries affect job ability

One in four workers report that money worries have affected their ability to do their job (CIPD 2017)

Money concerns

Money concerns prevent employees from performing

59% of employees with ‘current’ financial worries state money concerns prevent them from performing their best at work (Willis Towers Watson 2016)

On-demand pay

80% would use a form of On-Demand Pay

80% of individuals in our research have indicated they would use a form of On-Demand Pay

Life and wellbeing impacts

Life and wellbeing impacts

75% of individuals report major impacts on life and wellbeing as a result of financial shortfalls

limited savings

People have limited savings to fall back on

11.5m people have less than £100 in savings to fall back on. 9m people often borrow to buy food or pay for bills. (The UK Strategy for Financial Wellbeing)


Who is our financial wellbeing solution For?

Giving employees early access to their earned wages is quickly becoming the norm in order to retain, motivate and look after your colleagues in a modern working environment.

If you are a forward-thinking organisation that would like to benefit from an improved employee financial wellbeing, retention, recruitment and productivity, then get in touch with us today to find out more about our earned wage access solution.

Earned wage access solution

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fastP.A.Y.E is a socially responsible way for your employees to access their already earned wages before payday.

You keep control of when and how much your employees can access while removing the need for expensive short-term credit.

Our solution is designed for the modern workforce. Flexible wage access helps employees better manage their finances and will mark you out as a highly progressive employer.