The flexible wage app for a modern workforce

End your staff’s reliance on expensive credit. Give them the ability to access their wages when they have earned them, not at the end of the month.


Monthly Payroll is Out of Step

Your workers live in the digital age and want innovative employers who offer new, quicker ways of being paid when they need it. They want to stop relying on credit cards and loans to access money they have already earned.

fastP.A.Y.E offers all this and more...

The Facts


46% of Britons suffer money-relate stress in the week leading up to payday


Workers turn to expensive credit to make up this shortfall for everyday expenses using overdrafts, credit cards and even payday loans to tide them over


One in five workers would consider a new job in the same role if it gave them access to their already earned wages before payday


15 million short-term payday loans were taken last year often taking up to 6 months to pay back due to high interest

Strengthen your financial well-being strategy with innovative and flexible wage app

Key Benefits fastP.A.Y.E Offers

Free for staff on minimum wage

Increase staff retention

Increase staff output

Increase applicant pool

Increase work morale

Fill 'unsociable' or last-minute shift

It's simple to get started with fastP.A.Y.E


Create Account

Setup safeguarded bank account, create URL and user access


Staff Invitation

Unique invites are sent to staff to link them to their relevant employer account


Staff Registration

Staff register via app, set password, verify email and add bank details


Update Balance

Staff balance will be updated according to the rules defined by the employer


Transaction Summary

Export a report on all staff transactions and provide to employer as part of payroll


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FastPAYE is a new socially responsible way for your staff to access their already earned money.

You keep control of when and how much your employees can access while removing the need for expensive short-term credit.

Our app is designed for the modern workforce. Flexible wage management helps employees manage their finances better and will mark you out as a highly progressive employer.