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Our mission is to improve the efficiency and profitability of our customers by providing the tools which support their employees in the management of personal finances.

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Our Story

We are all about helping employers improve the workplace for their employees by providing the tools that they need. It started 10 years ago with our sister company, ShopWorks, by ensuring that employees are paid the correct amount for the hours they have worked and now is about improving when and how they are paid through fastP.A.Y.E.

We already have great insight into the many challenges faced by HR teams which lead to the development of fastP.A.Y.E in 2019. Financial well-being is massively understated as a driving factor for retention, and that is because it has always been seen as a taboo topic, making it impossible for employers to engage in the conversation. We have since evolved as a global community to understand that mental health is a massive factor in the workplace, and financial well-being can be a large driving force for improved efficiency and profitability.

Who Is It For?

Employee financial well-being is being rapidly recognised as an employer responsibility and demonstrating a duty of care is quickly becoming the norm in order to retain, motivate and look after your colleagues.

If you are an organisation that would like to include financial well-being in your Human Resource efforts then you should consider fastP.A.Y.E as part of your strategy.


Meet the Team

Ian Hogg

Ian Hogg

Co Founder & CEO

Ian left a role as COO at a Plc to take advantage of the Shopworks & fastP.A.Y.E opportunity. Ian is a very experienced retail operator having started and sold two successful business in the area. He has also served on the boards of two UK PLCs and has previously built and sold a web technology company.

Lee Bowden

Lee Bowden

Co Founder & CCO

As a founder of WFM business ShopWorks, Lee was at the centre of winning and developing the commercial partnerships of some of the most well known UK brands in Retail, Hospitality & Leisure.

Nick Hill

Nick Hill

Co Founder & CTO

Nick has spent the last 20 years building technology and teams within startups. Whislt co-founding and running a digital agency, Nick also build and led a team to create the software underpinning the ShopWorks platform. Now focused on technology strategy and long term planning for both ShopWorks and FastP.A.Y.E.


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