Furloughed Your Team? How to make sure they return valued & motivated

What if I told you there was a way to engage, motivate and retain your teams and even attract new quality additions with a new innovative employee incentive. You probably would dismiss it as just more sales noise right?

What if I told you that this same incentive is already proven and has delivered truly incredible results for some of the well-known and successful companies and is currently being implemented by organisations in your sector. Perhaps the FOMO effect would have you raising your eyebrows with interest?

NOW what if I told you that this incentive could not only be set up for a trial in just a couple of weeks with no change in your current processes and cost absolutely NOTHING to set up. You would have to look at it right?

As a progressive and socially responsible employer, adapting a more flexible approach to when you pay your staff really is the golden ticket to a whole host of benefits for you both, including…

Increased Productivity – Everyone knows that this is essential to ensuring your company’s success. It drives the business but what drives your teams? Knowing they can get a little bit of money before pay day and avoid overdraft fees or the dreaded payday loan is a great way to ensure they stay motivated to do their job to the best of their ability. By offering something they can access when they need to or receive immediate financial reward for extra hours, they have something tangible to work towards.

Reducing Churn – Any employer with such an understanding approach to the daily financial challenges their team have on a monthly basis displays a high level of social responsibility and a concern for their financial wellbeing. This kind of consideration not only motivates them to do their work but also for them to stay longer in your business as these perks might be the reason they choose to stay instead of looking elsewhere.

Growing Your Recruitment Pool – To attract the best in a competitive market with low unemployment, you need to stand out from the rest and offering a unique flexible wage service could do just that and could easily be the reason a candidate chooses your company over another one.

Well Done You! – We are all placing people, whether customers or staff, at the centre of our messaging and strategies. After all there really can’t be any time of bad staff incentive. But whether we like it or not, ALL of us are faced with some form of financial hardship or another and it either costs us financially or personally through stress and worries. Any company that looks to remove or offer a way to soften this type of common occurrence will be rewarded with loyalty and a measurable positive impact in the business. Flexibility to an antiquated pay cycle will enable you to truly be considered as modern, progressive and socially responsible employer.

And as organisations now look to support each other through and post COVID-19 crisis, this type of flexible wage application is available from fastP.A.Y.E with all set up and on-boarding costs waived but also fully complimentary during the crisis. So there has never been a better time to embark on probably the most valuable incentive a company could offer to its employees at a time when they absolutely need it the most.

So if you would like to know more, choose from a selection of complimentary white papers or perhaps case studies of the positive impact that organisations’ have been experiencing or feel free to get in touch with us on info@fastpaye.com. 

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