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Three quarters of workers across the globe struggle as lockdown mental health pressures hinder work productivity
71% of global workers said worrying about being furloughed, experiencing pay cuts or losing their job had negatively impacted their performance…read here

HR News, 13/11/2020

One third of UK workforce feel unsupported by employers – so what can employers do?
Money is tight, and it’s likely Christmas bonuses this year will be scrapped. But this doesn’t mean employers can’t reward their workforce…read here

Employer News, 13/11/2020

54% of staff believe their workplace benefits are no longer relevant
More than half (54%) of employees believe that their current workplace benefits need to be re-evaluated due to….read here

Employee Benefits, 12/11/2020

Four new ways employee benefits can motivate and reinvigorate your workforce
The right benefits can motivate and support employees, helping them to feel valued and recognised for their hard work, and….read here

REBA, 12/11/2020

Employee benefits to be reviewed in three out of four companies
Employee benefits have been pushed to the forefront of attention due to the COVID-19 pandemic with almost three in four companies planning to…read here

HR Review, 13/10/2020

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