White Paper: Welfare benefits in the workplace

There are over 8mn vulnerable households not claiming benefits because they wrongly assume that they are not eligible or think that the application is too complicated. The most common reasons people assume they are not eligible is because they believe that their income is too high, or they wrongly assume that they are not entitled to benefits because they are in employment.

The workplace is an excellent environment to increase the awareness of the benefits that low and variable income employees are entitled to. HR managers can correct misperceptions about how the benefits system works and encourage employees to check their benefits entitlements as soon as they might be eligible. By having a proactive approach, HR managers can also reduce the stigma around benefits, increase the transparency on the application process, and make sure that employees review their benefits when there is a change in their circumstances or financial situation. Finally,
HR managers can direct employees to organisations that offer free and impartial money advice and can answer their benefits questions and make sure that their benefits’ applications are correct. 

Why now is a good time to make employees aware of Welfare Benefits? We are all aware of the many challenges the COVID pandemic has presented for businesses and employees alike. Many businesses have still not returned to normal levels of customer footfall and sales and therefore are unable to offer the same number of hours to all employees as they were pre-pandemic.

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