Flexible Salary Advances For Every Employee

fastP.A.Y.E is the benefit your employer can give you that will revolutionise your money management; it can help you get access to some cash before payday, get paid the next day for overtime and even claim extra benefits. Find out more below and ask your employer to consider offering it.

Why You Should Have fastP.A.Y.E At Work

Cover unexpected bills when they arise
Avoid reliance on expensive credit
Be in control of your earned wages when you need them

Reduce financial pressure

Improve your finance management skills when required
Make savings before you have the opportunity to spend your earnings

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Use this form to refer your employer and let them know you can benefit from fastP.A.Y.E

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I have just found fastPAYE, an employee financial benefit that helps to build financial resilience into the workforce with a unique set of financial tools accessible to all.

fastPAYE works with employers to let staff access some of their already earned money before payday, access financial education on how to better manage their money and check if they are eligible for any Government benefits they might be missing out on.

It would be great if you could consider this financial benefit.