Earned Wage Access For Your Employees

Improved retention, easier hiring, increased overtime and happier employees are just some of the benefits that fastP.A.Y.E can help employers deliver. It leaves employers in control of how and when they give access to earned wages whether it is a simple advance or a rapid payment for overtime shifts.

How Employers Use fastP.A.Y.E

Improve Recruitment

Are you struggling to stand out and attract top talent? fastP.A.Y.E is proven to increase the applicant pool by as much as….

With fastP.A.Y.E your new starters are not required to wait weeks on end (up to 6 weeks in some cases) to receive their first payment and therefore will be happy to choose you as an employer that can provide flexibility over their pay.

Improve Retention

Are you able to retain your employees and keep them happy? The average cost of finding a replacement employee is £5453, fastP.A.Y.E increases retention by as much as…. %

Solve Operational Challenges

Do your managers have too many shifts to cover but not enough staff? With fastP.A.Y.E you can improve uptake in extra shifts by as much as ….% by simply paying staff immediately for any additional hours worked.

This strategy also reduces the reliance on agency staff and extra costs for your business.

Provide Financial Support And Wellbeing

Everyone runs out of money at some point regardless their salary and demographics. Since the COVID pandemic began social responsibility and financial wellbeing has become a top priority for most employers. …% say that they are offering employee
financial wellbeing benefits. With fastPAYE employers remain in full control and have full visibility of how much and when it is available for staff to drawdown.

Improve Your Rewards Package

You might want to introduce fastP.A.Y.E to improve your benefits portfolio. In the current labour market when it comes to choosing an employer, staff are making a decision on the benefits companies are offering.

Alternative to Weekly Pay

Achieve all the benefits of a more frequent pay without the administrative burden of a weekly payroll or changing your payroll provider.

fastP.A.Y.E is an easy and quick way to offer early payments for your staff and keep your internal processes the same.

Process One-off Payments

With fastP.A.Y.E one-off staff payments can be processed without the long administrative burden on your payroll department.

fastP.A.Y.E Is Easy To Set Up
In Just 3 Quick Steps

Step 1

Fund the Account

fastP.A.Y.E doesn’t create a loan for the employer and you have full transparency and control over the money paid out early

Step 2

Invite Employees

You have full flexibility over which of your staff can access fastP.A.Y.E 

Step 3

Set-Up Rules and Configure Availability

Define your own custom rules on wage access, withdrawal availability and security access

Cash flow

“Operating fastPAYE is easy, none of the steps I need to do take more than 5 minutes including running a payroll file. It takes me less than half an hour a month to manage”

fastP.A.Y.E customer

As an employer, you have full control

fastP.A.Y.E gives you full control over all key decisions such as how often payments are made, how much they amount to, which employees receive it and ensuring messaging is in line with company values.

Not having to borrow the money

Our model doesn’t rely on borrowing money to pay your employees. As there are no interest payments to meet, we can be very competitive and offer a flexible model that supports your financial well-being strategy.

Integration into all major WFM and HR software

fastP.A.Y.E was founded and is owned by ShopWorks, a workforce management company which has many years’ experience supporting some of Britain’s best known businesses.

Who is it for?

Giving employees flexible access to their earned wages is quickly becoming the norm in order to retain, motivate and look after your colleagues in an evolving working environment.

If you are a forward-thinking organisation that would like to benefit from an improved employee financial wellbeing, retention, recruitment and productivity, then get in touch with us today. 


fastP.A.Y.E is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Enhance your business operations and boost employee satisfaction with fastP.A.Y.E

Book a free demo now with one of our Product Experts. Let us show you how your business can benefit from fastP.A.Y.E.

fastP.A.Y.E is a socially responsible way for your employees to access their already earned wages before payday.

You keep control of when and how much your employees can access while removing the need for expensive short-term credit.

Our solution is designed for the modern workforce. Flexible wage access helps employees better manage their finances and will mark you out as a highly progressive employer.