Support your employees with pay on demand

Market leading pay on demand solution that can make real difference to the lives of your employees during the cost living crisis and difficult periods. 

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Do you offer pay on demand?

The cost of living crisis has made it challenging to make ends meet for many families in the UK. We all know that employers can’t always afford to increase wages in line with inflation but you can offer pay on demand solutions that can help your staff through difficult times and give them access to some of their money when they need them the most.

The fastP.A.Y.E pay on demand solution includes other financial tools that will allow them to check if they are eligable for state benefits, water and telecom social tariffs that they are missing out on. These can significantly increase their household income and reduce some of their bills. 70% of loan applicants are identified that are missing on avarage £465 a month on benefits.


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What are the benefits of Pay on demand

Improve employee financial resilience and flexibility

Improve employee financial wellbeing 

Reduce absenteeism

Help your employees through the cost of living crisis

Reduce financial stress

Help them avoid expensive debt

Increase staff retention

Increase productivity 

Increase staff morale and motivation

Reduce employee churn rate

Fill in additional shifts

Improve mental health amongst employees

Fill unsociable shifts

Reduce absenteeism

Recruit faster

Increase your job applicant pool

Increase applicant pool

Help fill in extra shifts

Reduce employee reliance on debt

Reduce employee financial stress

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Is pay on demand for you? 

If you are a progressive employer and you would like to support your employees through difficult time and the cost of living fastP.A.Y.E has plans suitable for any organisation.

Our easy to use solution is fully customisable to suit your business and employee needs and leaves you the employer in charge of how much and how often your employees can access. Book a demo with us today to see how it works. 

Enhance your business operations and boost employee satisfaction with fastP.A.Y.E

Book a free demo now with one of our Product Experts. Let us show you how your business can benefit from fastP.A.Y.E.

fastP.A.Y.E is a socially responsible way for your employees to access their already earned wages before payday.

You keep control of when and how much your employees can access while removing the need for expensive short-term credit.

Our solution is designed for the modern workforce. Flexible wage access helps employees better manage their finances and will mark you out as a highly progressive employer.