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Ai products that deliver measurable ROI and improve the lives of working people

Retention SolvedBy.Ai

Retention Ai is a human resource forecasting tool that can accurately forecast how many people are likely to be leaving an organisation in the next 30, 60 or 90 days. Using data and a set of identified insights, managers can intervene with potential leavers, address concerns and therefore improve retention rates and reduce onboarding costs. Retention Ai will work with your existing data warehouse or HR Information System.

Forecasting SolvedBy.Ai

With challenging trading times for most sectors our Forecasting Ai tool will use your historical transaction data to forecast sales, footfall and interactions, giving you an accurate basis to build your staffing levels. Forecasting Ai will work with your existing data warehouse and BI tools for you as part of a project.

Demand SolvedBy.Ai

Once you have an accurate forecast of transactions, our Demand Ai engine will build a staffing model to ensure you have the right level of staff to ensure customer satisfaction without overspending during quiet periods. Demand Ai can work with your own forecasts or with our Forecasting Ai engine that can drive your existing scheduling tool.

Scheduling SolvedBy.Ai

Scheduling Ai will take your demand forecast and automate the building of your Rota within your existing scheduling tool. Ensuring that the optimal rota is built to be 100% compliant with Working Time Directives and other regulations, always on budget and with the closest possible fit to demand.