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Our Financial Wellbeing Suite

Configurable Salary Advance 

Our solution allows employees to access some of their already earned money before payday to avoid unnecessary debt caused by shortfalls at the end of the month or when unexpected bills arise.

It is fully configurable and the employer remains in full control of how much is available to employees and how many times per month they can access the service.

Financial Education

We closely work with various charities and provide access to up to date education and advice from the Money Advice Service. Our goal is to provide users with the necessary tools to encourage healthy financial decisions.

We work with the FinTech Scotland community to continually look for ethical ways to improve the product and to have an external presence for an unbiased view.

Our goal is to provide end users with the necessary tools to encourage healthy financial decisions.

Benefits Assessment

Our latest initiative provide a benefits calculator, which is designed to assess your eligibility for various benefits and grants. 

The benefits calculator will ask you some questions about your circumstances, your household and finances. Then, it will search across all the benefits and grants available, calculate potential entitlement and provide the necessary actions to receive the benefits.
In the UK there are 9 million adults that live with debt-related problems and only 1 in 5 can access debt advice services. UK households are currently missing over £16bn in extra income every year.

Savings Calculator

This tool that helps your employee to reach their savings goal by understanding how long it will take them to save a specific amount, or how much they need to save to have enough by a particular date.

Budget Planner

The Budget Planner puts your employees in control of their household spending and analyses the results to help them take control of their money. It’s already helped hundreds of thousands of people.

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The Benefits

It is free for employees

We believe that charging someone to access their pay when they are on Minimum Wage and showing that deduction on the payslip goes against the spirit of the service and do not assist with financial well-being.

No disruption to payroll

fastP.A.Y.E runs without any implications or the need to change your current payroll process. We configure the solution to seamlessly integrate with your business processes.  

Increasing your staff retention rate 

Employers offering a Salary Advance App report a 41% reduction in staff turnover. One in five workers would consider a new job in the same role if it gave them access to their already earned wages before payday. 

Increase staff output by filling in last-minute and unsociable shifts

Given the benefit to access their earnings soon after they earn them, employees are willing to take on more shifts and more unsociable hours, helping your business fill in those hard shifts nobody wants.

Increase applicant pool 

Employers offering a Salary Advance App report a 90% increase in the number of applicants for jobs they are offering. 

Increase work morale

Employees appreciate that their employer is actively trying to support them. Stress caused by financial concerns – which can affect work performance - is reduced. Users of Salary Advance Apps have been found to be 73% more motivated.

It is not a loan

Our model is socially responsible and doesn’t rely on borrowing money to pay your employees. As there are no interest payments to meet, we can be flexible and agree a model that supports your financial well-being strategy.

Financial wellbeing for employees

46% of staff experience increased stress levels during the week before pay day. fastP.A.Y.E can reduce stress even for people who may only need it once or twice a year and provides a useful flag for HR intervention amongst the 4% of the population who have “problem debt”.

Reduce sickness

12.7% of all sickness days in the UK are caused by mental health issues. With money worries being a significant contributor to stress and poor mental health, a Salary Advance App can have a significant impact.

Your organisation can benefit from all the above and much more

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As an employer, you have full control

fastP.A.Y.E gives you full control over all key decisions such as how often payments are made, how much they amount to, which employees receive it and ensuring messaging is in line with company values.


Not having to borrow the money 

Our model doesn’t rely on borrowing money to pay your employees. As there are no interest payments to meet, we can be flexible and agree a model that supports your financial well-being strategy.


Integration into all major WFM and HR software

fastP.A.Y.E was founded and is owned by ShopWorks, a workforce management company which has many years’ experience supporting some of Britain’s best known businesses.

Easy Implementation Process


Create Account

We start by requesting the completion of a simple safeguarded bank account form, this is used to facilitate all fastP.A.Y.E transactions. In parallel we will work with your key stakeholders to outline an implementation strategy and setup your version of the application.


Staff Invitation

All staff that are eligible for fastP.A.Y.E will receive an email invitation, they will need to accept an invitation to link to their relevant employer. All invitations are unique and will be associated with a unique label for reporting consistency.


Staff Registration

In addition to accepting an invitation, employees will be required to fill out a simple registration form and add their bank account, in order to receive their wages.


Update Balance

Employee balances will be updated as part of the process defined with the employer, allowing employees to access their wages instantly.


Transaction Summary

All transactions within your fastP.A.Y.E availability window will be exported and provided to the payroll team as file export or as part of an API integration.


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fastP.A.Y.E is a new socially responsible way for your staff to access their already earned money.

You keep control of when and how much your employees can access while removing the need for expensive short-term credit.

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